Eight years and a little bit of change later


Time flies.

I have no idea how any of this works anymore.  I don't necessarily think that I really want to explore how it works, either.  I can't imagine this community being the same as it was when I left it...eight years and change ago?

I cannot decide if this a nostalgic trip, or if I'm trying to find a place to let loose all of the pent up garbage I have to this relativly anonymous grouping.

At least my browser has my login information saved, I have no idea what the password for this is anymore (thanks, Google.  You have my shit together better than I myself do).



I started a new job a few weeks back, along with school. It's almost not-stop all day.

I'm doing IT stuff (again), not bad for $15/hour.

My office is that of the old plant controllers office, who was fired for stealing money. How nice.

Today I re-set my e-mail up, and came across her old e-mail folder. I started skimming. This woman was all about sex, I swear 80% of her deleted e-mail was about getting laid and all from different guys.

I suppose that's my introduction into the small business world of bored (possibly)single people in management positions.

(no subject)

I quit my job today!!!

Well, as of Monday at least.

"You know, we have a company to run, but I commend you for going to school. And sometimes you have to decide between the two." Yeaa....fuck you.

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DSO was great. I can't wait to go again, maybe next time with better seats, but I doubt it'll be with a better selection of Music.

Oh right, Mozart blows for the record.

More later? Probably not.